Saijou Ace

  • Name: 最上A (Saijou Ace), 最上 saijou means "the top," "the best"
  • D.O.B: Unknown
  • Age: Unknown
  • Gender: Male
  • Blood type: Unknown
  • Native Country: Unknown
  • Date of first appearance: Unknown
  • All data: Unknown
  • Company: Abex Trax Prouductions
  • Most famous work: 怪盗A (Kaitou Ace), 怪盗 means "Phantom Thief"

  • The Beloved Idol - Saijou Ace

    Saijou Ace is a rising, popular Japanese Idol who becomes famous for starring in the hit TV series "Kaitou Ace." "Kaitou Ace" features the masked thief Kaitou Ace, who fights against the evil order known as "Jack." However, the reason for his huge female following is not because of his deeds as a soldier of justice but his sweetness towards girls. He is popularly known as "a girl's best friend" as he is always there to save girls in distress (Such as giving girls dresses and jewelry they couldn't afford, finishing homework assignments for them, or going on dates with girls who couldn't get one). Saijou Ace, the idol, shares his character Kaitou Ace's fondness for girls as he invented the Rainbow Candy, a candy that makes girls skinnier and prettier when consumed, in order to make girls happy:
    I think that any girl can be pretty. If all girls are pretty and happier than I'd be happy too. 1

    V's Masked Defender - Kaitou Ace

    Therefore, it is no surprise that Saijou Ace, as Kaitou Ace, would later help Sailor V in her fight against the Dark Agency. He saves her from Fande when Sailor V's Crescent compact ran out of power. His weapon of choice are playing cards, more specifically the ace of hearts, which slices and dices enemies easily. He only has one attack called "Delicious Four Card Shot," which not only has the ability to destory enemies but could also cure brainwashed victims. Saijou Ace is one of the three characters (the other two being Sakurada and Wakagi) to find out Sailor V's true identity.
    Kaitou Ace

    You're hot then your're yes then you're no...

    The filming of "The Chinese Princess" - Minako and Ace fall in love

    Saijou Ace soon becomes a worldwide idol leading him to film a movie in China. Following "Boss" instructions, Minako later auditions for and wins the part as his love interest so she can investigate Abex Trax Production's, the production that Saijou Ace worked for, suspicious activities more closely. Being a huge fan of Ace, Minako was more than happy to comply. While on the set, the relationship between the two grows and Minako later receives a confession, a kiss, and a golden ring made in the shape of Venus's symbolfrom Ace. However, when Minako reciprocates these feelings Ace questions her sincerity:

    Ace: I'll tell your love fortune. Pick a card you like.
    (Minako holds up the Ace of Clubs.)
    Ace: This card represents a crossroads in fortune. Do you love me?
    Minako: Yes...
    Ace: That's a lie. You're never serious. You always choose something more important than love.2

    His response leaves Minako confused and uncertain about, not only her feelings for Ace, but also about her commitment to finding true love.

    Dark Commander - Danburite

    Ace later reveals his true identity as Danburite, the leader of the Dark Agency and a soldier working under the four generals of the Dark Kingdom. As a subordinate to the Dark Kingdom, Danburite shares the Dark Kingdom's ambition to dominate the world and ,of course, to get rid of anyone that got in the way. He kills Lin-Lin, his subordinate, in order to be the one to defeat Sailor V himself. However, there is another reason why he is determined to confront Sailor V himself.


    Mystical Lover - Adonis

    Ace confronts the newly awakened Sailor Venus and he reveals to her his final secret. He is actually the reincarnation of Adonis, a Venusian soldier who lived during the Silver Millennium. He was and even in the present still madly in love with the Princess of Venus and claims that they "were supposed to love one another" and that he is Venus's "mystical lover."3 (Those who know their Greek/Roman Mythology know that this is a reference to the famous love affair between the love goddess and the handsome hunter, Adonis). However, he admits that she never knew of him in the past as he was a lowly solider of no rank. He was finally able to met her in person when the Venusian Army was borrowed by Prince Endymion's Four Generals for the war that was taking place on the Moon. Venus's dedication to her duty as Guardian of the Moon Princess and her attraction for the General Kunzite, made Adonis realize that she would be unreachable to him in that lifetime, but maybe not the next:
    At that moment, I knew if I could just change one wheel of fate, the two of us might fall in love.4

    However, he realizes that even after becoming a Super Idol Saijou Ace and raising to a rank high enough for her to acknowledge him and woo her that there was only one inescapable destiny. Sailor Venus would always choose duty over love and therefore would be forever unreachable to him. With this realization, he embraces his role as her enemy, Danburite, and attacks her:

    (Venus blasts Ace with a Crescent Beam.)
    Ace: Yes...there is only one fate.
    Venus: Ace!!
    (Ace continues to disintegrate as he falls over the ledge of the roof.)
    Ace: My path ends without reaching you.
    (Venus grabs his hand, holding him from the roof.)
    Venus: Is it your fate to destroy the ones that I love?
    (Ace throws a card. It's the Ace of Hearts.)
    Ace: I'll tell you your final love fortune. Your love will be hopeless for all eternity.
    (Venus stares at him, eyes wide.)
    Ace: What's wrong? You should look happier! Now you can go on living without having to torment yourself over the ultimate choice - your love or your duty. Your fate is to continue fighting. Your true battle begins now.5
    The end of Ace

    The Importance of Ace

    Although Minako would have eventually learned to accept and awaken to her true identity as Sailor Venus, Ace definitely helps speed things along. From the moment she first transforms into Sailor V and kills her first love, Higashi-senpai, she had already, albeit subconsciously, chosen duty over love. Throughout the Sailor V manga, it is obvious that Minako did not completely accept her duty and destiny as a Sailor Soldier (She even chooses to quit it for a brief moment), but she also did not show any commitment to any of her "first loves" either. Minako easily flits from one cute guy to another and never pursues each attraction to the the bitter end. Ace makes her realize where her true commitment lies and it is in her of duty as Sailor Venus, the sworn guardian of the Moon Princess. Therefore, it is entirely fitting that she kills Ace after she awakens as Sailor Venus as it means she finally accepts her fate as a soldier.

    Having just one section dedicated to Ace does not do him justice. If you are interested in finding out more, check out this excellent (and the only) website dedicated to him:
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