what if?

What if Minako never met Artemis and became a Sailor Soldier? How would her life have turned out if she was just a normal girl? The way I see it, her future could take two different paths:


Track #1 - Volleyball Superstar

With Minako's terrible grades and laziness when it comes to schoolwork, she is doomed to a future of limited job opportunities. Minako would mostly likely have gotten into an average high school and choose not to continue onto college. This means that after graduating from high school, she will only be able to find part-time work at a store or a small company and will work there until she finds someone and gets married (This is actually the norm, as the ultimate goal for most Japanese girls is to find a good husband and settle down). However, Minako's natural athletic abilities and her talent in sports will most likely save her from such a banal fate. Free from the burdens of being a Sailor Soldier, Minako would continue her activites in the Volleyball Club and thus solidifing her reputation as Shiba Koen Middle's Ace striker. With such a reputation, a high school famous for its atheltics, would no doubt recruit her by offering her a scholarship to their school. After another three years of playing volleyball in high school and further proving herself as a player, a well-known sports university will come knocking on her door with another sports scholarship. Playing university volleyball will expose Minako to the Japanese public and her talent and skills will be further recognized by the volleyball community. So by the time she graduates, an offer to join the Japan Women's National Volleyball Team would be waiting for her. With her looks and obvious talent, Minako would become Japan's Sweetheart in no time. Her nationwide popularity means Minako will receive countless commerical and endorsement offers which would embed her even more in the public eye. So when she finally retires from the team in her late twentites, it would not be difficult for her to make the transition to Idol-hood, especially if she has been doing some Idol work on the side. With her acting and singing skills, an already well-established fan base, and her beauty she would not have any trouble establishing herself as an A-list Idol.

Idol Minako is born!

Track #2 - Superstar Idol

If Minako chooses not to pursue her volleyball career any further than high school, after graduating from High School she would most likely focus all her attention on her dream of becoming an idol. There is no question that she would be able to find an agency pretty quickly as throughout the series, Minako has participated in many auditions and passed two of them successfully. Minako should be able to climb up the ladder of fame pretty quickly as she is talented in singing, dancing, and acting and being the reincarnation of the Goddess of Love, she has the beauty and the charm for the job. Minako would then date many of Japan's hottest male celebrities and eventually settle down with one of them and then bask in the limelight of a celebrity marriage.

In conclusion, even if she had never become a Sailor Soldier, I believe a bright future awaits her. With her natural talents and beauty, Minako is destined to stand out from the crowd.