Her Brilliance

Many websites claim that Sailor Venus is one of the weakest Sailor Soldiers in the team and I have to admit that shiny, golden hearts don't exactly look lethal. However, Sailor Venus does possess certain assets that make her a stand-out Sailor Soldier and more than capable of taking care of herself.

Quickness and Agility

Throughout the manga and both anime series Sailor Venus displays incredible agility and reflexes. She dodges attacks gracefully and performs moves that would impress a professional gymnast. For example in the Sailormoon R Movie, there is a scene where a mind-controlled man grabs her by the leg and lifts her off her feet. She is able to do a somersault in mid-air (while upside down) and kick the guy in the chin before landing perfectly on the ground unscathed. This asset stems from her natural talent for sports, in particular volleyball, a sport that requires great speed and reflexes. When Minako played for the school team, she was famous for her quick somersault dig.
Venus exhibiting her awesome agility

Venus senses Tuxedo Mask's presence

Sharp Instincts

Venus also has amazing instincts and seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to being spied on or followed by unknown presences. In the manga, Venus is always the first one to sense that the team is being spied on or when someone has been brain-washed. When she first joins the team, she is able to feel Tuxedo Mask's presence immediately and is able to feel Uranus and Neptune's scrutinizing eyes in the beginning of the third arc. In the classic anime, Minako is able to correctly identity Tin Nyanko in each of her different disguises. However, in that instance, Minako was unaware on how accurate she was.


Minako first awakens to her duty as a Sailor Soldier when she was 13, two years eariler than everyone else. So when Venus first joins the team, Venus was more comfortable with and had a deeper understanding of her role, duty, and objective as a Sailor Soldier. Her experience also explains her cool and calm composure on the battefield and her ability to make quick and effective decisions. Her time as Sailor V amply prepared her for role as Sailor Venus, leader of the Guardian Soldiers and protector of the Moon Princess.
Sailor V



Sailor Venus shows extreme dedication to her duty and role as a Sailor Solider. This is evident by the many sacrifices Venus makes for the sake of duty and her williness to do whatever it takes to protect her Princess, even if it involves kicking a mind-controlled Makoto in the face without hesitation. She takes her responsibilities as a Sailor Soldier very seriously and takes any failure or mistake quite personally. Her strong sense of loyalty and her dedication is a definite plus factor in her potential as a Sailor Soldier.