Credits and Thank yous

Here is where I give proper credit to all those whom helped make this site possible. This section also includes information about the programs I've used, copyright issues, and my image policy.


I do not claim onwership of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon or Codename wa: Sailor V. Both are copyrighted and authored by Takeuchi Naoko, TOEI Animation, and all other related companies. I am just a fan of the series and the website, Morning Star, is a site born from my love for the series. This site was made for my own entertainment. However, all articles, layouts, and images made for this site is copyrighted by me, Anju. Also please note that the information presented in this site are all based upon my own research and observations.

Image Policy

My website is not an image gallery. All images and layouts used in this website are for the Morning Star ONLY. Please respect the effort I've put into my designs by not taking or using any images or layouts without my permission. In regrads to the Memorabilia section of the site, feel free to take want you want ♥ but please credit and do not post it as your own work. However, it must be noted that all Artbook scans used in this website was not scanned by me but by Manga Style with the webmistress' permission. In addition, the brushes I used in some of images were not designed by me but by Colorfilter and Obsidian Dawn.


I use Adobe Photoshop CS3 as my image editor. A very awesome program, but unfortunately very expensive! I also do all my coding in TextWrangler, a free open-source program, and I highly recommend it.


My brother, Alex for encouraging me to try web building.

My little sister, Antoinette and my friend, Christin, and my best friend, Stella for helping me make decisions on my designs.

Zita of for being a such a caring friend and sister back during Morning Star's first run and even now.