appendix A: additional information

Where I put information on Aino Minako that I didn't seem to fit anywhere else. In this section, I address her past life as the Princess of Venus, her future in Crystal Tokyo, her character in the Live Action Drama Pretty Guardian Sailor Soldier, and whatever else I believe is important.

Princess Magellan Alternate Reality
Her past life as the Princess of Venus and as one of the Guardians of the Silver Millennium.
The character of Sailor Venus/Aino Minako in the Live Action Drama Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.
Transcendent V-trivia
Sailor Venus in Crystal Tokyo.
Random interesting tidbits about Minako.

appendix b: speculations and rants

This is where I rant and speculate on the character of Aino Minako. The information presented here should be taken with a grain of salt. If you would like me to address a certain subject or topic, feel free to e-mail me.

Star-crossed? What if?
The possible romance between Prince Endymion's Four Generals and Princess Serenity's Four Guardians.
What if Minako was never awakened as a Sailor Soldier and continued to live her life as a normal girl?
Crystal Watch!
Where I ramble and squeal about the reboot Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal.