Site FAQs

Here is where I answer commonly asked questions about the site. If you have any other questions that are not answered here, please feel free to email me!

Why the name "Morning Star"?

Long time ago (like in 2000), I had planned to name this site "Celestial Goddess of Love: Venus." However, I struggled with the idea since it seemed horrendously long for a website title. One day, I read an article on the planet Venus and learned that the planet is also known as the Morning and Evening Star because the planet shines the brightest during sunset and sunrise. I knew then that that was the perfect title for this website.

Wait, Morning Star existed before?

Yes, it did and now I'm back ♥ Back then this site ran for about 2 and half years (Oct. 2000 - May 2003). So to all those who remember the Morning Star... Yes, this is the same site and the same webmistress!

Why did you decide to make a tribute to Sailor Venus/Aino Minako?

It's simply because I love the character. Even after all these years, Aino Minako still remains my favorite Anime/Manga character. It may seem weird to write this, but the character has greatly influenced my life and has made me who I am today. I deeply identified with her and understood all her insecurities as they were the same as mine. Thus my love for Aino Minako and my desire to make such a website.

May I use your information or articles?

Yes, as long as you credit me. However, this does not mean you can copy and paste whole articles from this site.

Why is the layout of your site so inconsistent?

Nowadays the style is to have one continuous layout thoroughout the entire site. However, back in the 2000s, the style was to have a different layout for each page. I like both the old and the new style and have designed my website in an attempt to combine elements of both. I hope it worked!

May I use your images or layouts?

No, I'm afraid not. This site is not a image gallery. All images and layouts used here are designed specifically for this site. I put a lot of effort into my designs so it would be very easy for me to identify my own work. Please respect that. For more information on my image policies click here.

Why don't you have an image gallery?

This site was not made for that purpose. I made this site so visitors can learn about Minako indepth. I also want my visitors to come to my site for information and content not just to get pictures.