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Group Fashion

"You are what you wear!"

Although rare, the girls do wear clothes that are not their school or Sailor uniforms. In fact, each girl's sense of style is distinct and a reflection of each of their personalities. Using Usagi and the rest of the Guardian team as an example (based on the manga), Usagi's style is frilly, girly and pure, Ami's is neat, pretty, and a bit conservative, Makoto's romantic and feminine, and Rei's style is alluring, sophiscated, and chic. Their choices in clothes make sense when one looks at their personality: Usagi is pure and sweet, like a princess. Therefore her clothes are incredibly girly and emphasizes on her purity and naiveity. Ami is smart and logical, so her clothes are neat and practical. She also dresses a bit conservatively because she wants people to notice her for her brain not her body. Makoto seems like a tough tomboy on the outside, but is acutally very romantic, feminine on the inside and her clothes reflect her warm, feminine nature. As for Rei, she's well-bred and beautiful and knows it. She isn't afraid to flaunt her looks so her clothes are a touch sexy. Rei knows men find her attractive and she isn't afraid to use it to her advantage (ie. getting free drinks all day at the pool).

everyday fashion (manga)

Minako's Everday Fashion (Manga)

Minako's Peek-a-boo top

The "Flirty Sports Girl" Look

The words "Flirty Sports Girl" best summarizies Minako's style as her clothes are active, sporty, bold, colorful and a bit flirty. Minako wears pants more often than the other four and her clothes are also never decorated with frilly laces or ribbons, but are instead brightly colored, simple, and sometimes decorated with a simple floral print or stripes. Even if she does wear something somewhat more frilly she will somehow accessorize it so looks more cool (ie. wearing a white top hat with her bridesmaid outfit). The outfits Minako wears are not confining and clearly designed for those who have a more active lifestyle. In terms of accessories, Minako favors hats and sunglasses over jewelry which gives her a decidedly more sporty look. Although, her style is sporty and simple, there is a flirty side to it. Minako wears short-shorts and mini-skirts and isn't shy about showing off what she possesses via low necklines, exposed middriffs, or a peek-a-boo top that shows her cleavage. Minako's clothes do reflect her personality as she is sporty and somewhat of a tomboy, which explains the ungirly and active style of her clothes. However, she is also a bit of a flirt and this explains the somewhat revealing designs she wears. Also the fun prints and bright colors she favors is a reflection of her fun-loving, vibrant, and bold personality.

everyday fashion (classic anime)

Minako's Everyday Fashion (Anime)

The "Natural Girl" Look

Minako's sense of style in the anime is completely different from her style in the manga. Her clothes are more girly and some of her clothes are decorated by frilly lace and ribbons. Anime Minako also wears long, knee-length skirts and dresses more often and loves to layer. She also hardly wears any type of print, seemingly to prefer solid colors and loose, flowing outfits. She also hardly wears pants and when she does they are almost always shorts. Although Minako's clothes in the anime aren't overly girly, they are girlier than the clothes she wears in the manga. In the manga, Minako has a more cool, bold look while in the anime, her style is more sweet, modest, and natural. In terms of how it reflects her personality, Minako does act a bit girlier in the anime, especially when in the presence of a handsome guy. Minako often puts on a "cutesy" act around guys (such as refering to herself in the third person, doing cutesy poses, changing the pitch of her voice) and this explains her girlier outfits. Her fun-loving and bright personality is also reflected in the colors she wears and the general energy she extudes.

idol fashion

Minako Idol Fashion

Fashion Disaster?

In both the classic anime and the manga, Minako wears the most ridiculous outfits when auditioning or turning on "idol" mode. However, these outfits should not be interpreted as a representation of Minako's fashion sense because she is only dressed in such a way to make sure she stands out from the other contestants. Admittedly, Minako does have a tendency to go overboard and this might explains why her auditioning/idol outifits are so over the top.