In this section, I present all the idols Minako has chased or admired throughout the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon anime and manga series.

Mimi the idol

Celebrity #1 - Mimi Hanyu

During the manga's Death Busters Arc, Mimete is also Mimi Hanyu, the hottest teen idol in Japan. Minako herself is a huge fan, admiring Mimi's beautiful voice and cute appearance. So when Minako hears that Mimi would be holding a "Mugen Academy Students Only" concert, Minako was determined to go claiming that the team should go for investigative purposes. While the others are at Michiru's concert, Minako, using her Crescent Compact, disguises herself as a male Mugen Academy student and sneaks into Mimi's concert. However, the true reason why Mimi wanted to have a concert was so she could brainwash more people for Pharaoh 90. Realizing this, Minako quickly slips out of the concert to transform and confront Mimi. In the end, Mimete is defeated by Sailor Neptune and Uranus.

Eda Yousaku

Celebrity #2 - Eda Yousaku

In Episode 112: Who is the real messiah? Light and Shadow in chaos, we are introduced to popular actor Eda Yousaku. When Minako informs the group that he would be filming his new movie "Gunman at Red Fuji" at Juuban Shizen Park, everyone was quick to follow her to the filming. He becomes Mimete's first target.

Celebrity #3 - Araki Ginta

He appears in Episode 114: I Love Idols! Mimete's Worries and Mimete and Minako are both huge fans of his. Araki Ginta is a popular male idol who has released several hit songs and music videos. Minako has been a fan of his since his pre-debut days and on hearing that he will be holding auditions to find a co-star for his new movie, she rushes to the venue and signs up. Minako passes the first round easily, but loses in the final round. However, she is able to meet Araki backstage and he gives her some words of comfort and thanks her for being a dedicated fan. He is also one of Mimete's targets in the classic anime series.
Araki Ginta

Usui Yoshiki

Celebrity #4 - Usui Yoshiki

Usui Yoshiki is a very popular fashion designer who is said to make designs that expresses every girls' dreams. He appears in Episode 140: We Love Mini Skirts! The Stylish Soliders and we see the girls enjoying his outdoor runway show and fawning over all of his beautiful designs. After the Sailor team saves him from Fish-eye, his next collection were mini-skirts and hair done up in Usagi's trademark hairstyle.

The Three Lights

Celebrity #5 - Three Lights

They are the most popular idol group in Japan and consists of brothers Kou Taiki, Kou Yaten, and Kou Seiya. In the classic anime series, Rei, Makoto, Minako and even Ami admires them and joins their fan club. Minako is fan club member #278, beating out Rei and Makoto, and only being bested by Ami. So when the Three Lights transfer to Juuban High, Minako is thrilled. She shamelessly chases after them and becomes their assistant in an attempt to snag one of them as her boyfriend. Minako also hopes that the fame of being their girlfriend would also help jumpstart her own idol career. While in the manga, Minako is the only hardcore Three Lights fan in the team. She is fan club member #7 and even makes a secret Three Lights handbook which contains detailed profiles and information on where they can be found at school at certain times of the day.

Alice Itsuki

Celebrity #6 - Itsuki Alice

Itsuki Alice is a famous actress and the co-star in the Three Light's super popular mystery drama, "Z Files of Young Sherlock Holmes." When Minako sees her filming on location with the Three Lights, she screams and gushes at her cuteness. Alice seems to be a pretty nice and hard-working actress. She becomes a target of Sailor Iron Mouse in Episode 173: A Farewell and a Meeting! The Flow of the Stars of Destiny.

Celebrity #7 - Okamachi Noriko

Okamachi Noriko appears in Episode 178: Luna saw it!? Idol Yaten's True Face and is a popular idol and Yaten's co-star in his new romantic drama, "Higashi-kun's Girlfriend is a Pretty One!" However, Noriko proves to be snobby, bratty, and fake and after being rejected by Yaten one too many times, Noriko accuses Yaten of being a homosexual. While following Luna, Minako sees Noriko at the same Pet Groomer's shop as Yaten and Luna and complains about how much she wants her autograph. She also becomes one of Sailor Iron Mouse's targets.
Okamachi Noriko