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Transformation pen #1

When Minako first joins the team, this is the pen she uses to transform into Sailor Venus. This pen has been with her since her days as Sailor V. However, as Sailor V she uses this pen to communicate with "Boss", but it seems to have lost that function after she joined the rest of the Sailor team. The phrase used to activate the transformation was "Venus Power, Make up!" This pen appears in the manga and in the new anime series.
transformation pen

transformation pen

Transformation Pen #2

Minako and the others receives these upgraded transformation pens from Luna. In turn, the transformation phrase changes to "(Insert Planet) Star Power, Make up!" Like the rest of the Guardian team, Minako uses this pen to transform into a more powerful version of her alter ego. This pen appears in the manga and both anime series.

heart crystal

Transformation Crystal

The transformation crystal seems to have two phases. The first one is heart-shaped and transforms Minako into Super Sailor Venus. While the 2nd one is star-shaped and transforms Minako into her ultimate form as the Soldier of Venus. It is unclear what the exact name of her final form is as by this time everyone in the team begins to only call each other by their respective planet's names. With each new form, her Sailor uniform also changes drastically. The transformation phrase for both forms is "Venus Crystal Power, Make up!" This pen appears in the manga Only.
star crystal

Transformation Pen #1

This transformation pen only appears in the classic anime series. It transforms her into her first form, Sailor Venus. Unlike in the manga, this pen matches the rest of the Guardian team's pens. The activiation phrase was "Venus Power, Make up!".
anime transformation pen

anime transformation pen

Transformation Pen #2

In the classic anime, this is the pen that enables Minako to transform into her last and most powerful form. In this transformation she is known as Super Sailor Venus. The transformation phrase was "Venus Crystal Power, Make up!".

Venus's Communicator

These watch-like items are used by the Guardian team to contact one another. When you lift the cover, there are small buttons marked with each Sailor's planetary symbol. There is screen on the inside of the cover which allows the caller and reciever to see each others' faces on the screen and talk to them directly. The communicator appears in the Manga and both Anime series.


Wink Chain Sword

This sword is a symbol of Minako's status as the leader of the Guardian Team. It is harder then the hardest substance on earth as in an experiment done by Ami, the sword was shown to crack diamonds. The sword is made out of a poisonous, liquified stone that is similar to the Imperium Crystal. When Venus first receives the sword it was petrified and extremely heavy as its power was sealed away. When Venus finally unleashes the sword's power, the team is able to learn how to seal Metallia away. In the manga, Sailor Venus uses this sword in one of her attacks and also uses this sword to kill Queen Beryl during the fall of the Silver Millennium and during the first arc of the BSSM series. This sword only appears in the manga.

Chain belt

In her first form, when she joins the Sailor team, she wears a chain belt around her hips. It is appears to be made of gold with red gems embedded in each golden loop. She often uses this chain like a whip when not using it in her magicial attacks. This Chain belt features prominently in her magical attacks and seems to change appearances accordingly. However, by the time she reaches her 2nd from (Venus Star Power, Make up!), the belt is never seen around her hips again. This belt only appears in manga Only.
chain belt