Morning Star has gone through many layouts over the years and here is where I display them all. They are divided into three categories for easy navigation.

Year One | Year Two | Revival

2011 Revival

Version r-6.0 ♥ Dream in Watercolor - Redux
April 8, 2016

Version r-6.0

I guess there is a first for everything. I re-uploaded this layout because I think I was too hasty in removing it. It is a beautiful design. However, this time I changed the navigation system and made it much simpler.

Version r-7.0 ♥ Crown Arcade
March 3, 2015 → April 8, 2016

Version r-7.0

I wanted to use game sprites because I always thought they were so cute! I think in the end this layout didn't really show my what I could do. It was a very easy and quick layout to make. It came our really nice on the mobile.

Version r-6.0 ♥ Dream in Watercolor
March 3, 2015 → September 1, 2015

Version r-6.0

I think this layout was way too bulky. I wanted to try filling up the whole page since I tend to make small designs and also wanted to try using a more dynamic navigation system. But, I think in the end, Simple is best. Though I think I colored some of the manga pictures quite beautifully.

Version r-5.0 ♥ Binded by Moonlight
September 21, 2014 → March 3, 2015

Version r-5.0

I wanted to make a layout celebrating the new Sailor Moon Crystal series. I scanned the CD jacket and made this layout. I really hate it. When I made it, I just wanted to push something new out and that's probably why it turned out so ugly.

Version r-4.0 ♥ Glory
October 22, 2013 → September 21, 2014

Version r-4.0

I always love that Artbook picture of Venus and just wanted to try using it! Overall, I think it came out well. I used brushes of dahila flowers to decorate the image since they are supposed to be the flower of Venus. I like the quote I used for this one: "In the night sky there must be a crescent moon, and in life there must be love."

Version r-3.0 ♥ Route Venus
May 8, 2013 → October 22, 2013

Version r-3.0

I really liked the main image of the layout and enjoyed coloring it. I have to say I got pretty tired of it and in the end, I feel pretty "eh" about it. I did get some compliments for it though.

Version r-2.0 ♥ Looking at Venus
October 20, 2011 → May 8, 2013

Version r-2.0

This layout was based on one of Minako's songs from the Live Action series. The song is called "Katagoshi ni Venus" (loosely translated as "Over the shoulder Venus"). I always liked this Artbook picture, but never knew what to do with it till now. I really like this layout's color scheme (bright pink and blue!) and it made me realize that I should just go crazy with the colors! I received many compliments for this layout :)

Version r-1.0 ♥ Aphrodite Anadyomeme
June 6, 2011 → October 20, 2011

Version r-1.0

This is the layout I used for the grand re-opening of Morning Star. I have always loved this image of Venus and had been saving it for a special occasion (or until I could do something awesome with it). The image comes from the Sailor V manga when Ace tells Minako of her past and how she was born from the Sea of Venus. The title Aphrodite Anadyomeme means "Aphrodite rising from the Sea" and is inspired by Botticelli's famous painting, Birth of Venus.