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Want to link to the Morning Star? Thank you very much! The url is Below are also links to my favorite Sailor Moon websites.

Morning Star


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Other Websites

Total Venus Destination
Love Liberty Disco
First Soldier

Other Characters
Serapii-kisu (Moon)
Cremare (Mars) ★
Emerald Star (Jupiter)
Sea Sky, Wind Water (Neptune/Uranus)
Sky Colored Oceans (Neptune/Uranus)
Eventide (Saturn)
Crimson Mysteria (Pluto)
Ace of Hearts (Kaitou Ace)

Ten(sen)shi (Sailormoon directory)
Emotion (Animanga and Video Game Shrine directory)

Neo Nobility (Crystal Tokyo - Manga)
The Sailor Senshi Page (Everything) (Everything)
Manga Style (Artbook Gallery)
Miss Dream (Sailor Moon Translation Project)
isshou ni (Sailor Moon Gallery)
Sailor Music (Sailor Moon Music)