love addict

Introducing Aino Minako's many crushes and loves. Including the crushes from the Sailor V manga, we start the count the at 7.

Kunzite *hot* *hot*

Love #7 - Kunzite

Kunzite is one of Prince Endymion's Four Generals and also one of Minako's many loves. During the Silver Millennium, the two had an obvious attraction for each other, but it is unclear how far their relationship progressed (Some members of the Sailor Moon community deny such a relationship exists, but I believe that there is enough proof for it. For more information, check out Star-crossed?). In the present, Kunzite is a general of the Dark Kingdom and had been brainwashed to forget everything about his past life and his true master, Endymion. In the classic anime series, after being defeated by the Sailor Team, Kunzite never makes an appearance again. While in the manga and in the new anime series, Kunzite eventually recovers his memories of the past and after his death he becomes a Kunzite stone which Mamoru keeps with him in a glass box at home. Once and awhile Mamoru coverses with his Generals (they all become stones after death) using his ESP powers.

Love #8 - Alan

In the classic anime series, Minako spent some time in England fighting crime as Sailor V because escalating Youma activity in the country. While there she meets a man named Alan and falls in love with him. Minako also becomes close with Katarina, an english policewoman, and the three of them often hang out together. However, unbeknownst to Minako, Katarina and Alan had fallen in love with each other. During a investigation of a warehouse, Minako witnesses Katarina and Alan embracing and professing their love for each other. Heartbroken, Minako leaves England without saying good-bye causing the couple to believe she had died from the warehouse explosion.
The Love Triangle


Love #9 - Haruka

In both the manga and the classic anime, Makoto, Usagi, and Minako are instantly smitten of the handsome racer. In the classic anime series, Usagi and Minako tails Haruka after first meeting her and inquire nosily about Haruka's relationship with Michiru. However, when they discover Haruka's true gender their sexual attraction to her quickly disappears. While in the manga, Minako's suspicions of Haruka's involvement with Mugen Academy quickly causes her to lose interest in the race car driver.

Love #10 - Asai

Asai is Minako's classmate and was a fellow volleyball player. In Episode 100: She wants to quit being a Sailor Solider? Mina's worries, Asai approaches her one day and asks her why she quit volleyball after returning from England. He admits that at the time he really admired her, the ace striker, and had promised himself that he would ask her out once he became a regular. After such a confession, Minako becomes quite unsettled and realizes how much she had given up when she became Sailor V. However, Minako ultimately chooses duty over love as she realizes that being a Sailor Soldier meant she could protect the people she loves.

Pick! Which one?!

Love #11 & 12: two-timing Hawk-eye and Tiger-eye

Minako couldn't decide between the nice, artsy, deep Takano (Hawk-eye) or the rocker, bad boy Torajima (Tiger-eye) so she decides to date them both. Unfortunately, she accidentally sets a date with both of them on the same day at the same time. Instead of cancelling on one, she decides to run back and forth between the two dates, but they do eventually learn of her deception. The two men demand to know who she likes better and she honestly tells them, "Both!" Needless to say, Hawk-eye and Tiger-eye is angry at the thought that they had been tricked by a silly human girl. They attack Minako and when she discovers that they were only pursuing her because of a bet, she unleashes a shower of crescent beams on them.

Love #13 - Principal Honjo

In Episode 154: Confrontation in Dreams! Minako and Makoto's Broken Friendship, Minako and Makoto meet and fall in love with Principal Honjo of Honjo Pre-school. When the girls learn that he is holding a school fair to raise money to build a flower garden, both girls enthusiastically offer their help. Unfortunately, Minako can not compete with Makoto when it comes to domestic skills and ends up messing everything up. In the end, the girls find out that the Principal is actually married and that he has son, Kotaro, the boy who had been terrorizing Minako throughout the episode.
Principal Honjo