princess magellan

That is your mother star, the fiery planet of the goddess Venus.1

Princess Venus

Princess of Magellan Castle

During the Silver Millennium, Venus was not only a Sailor Soldier, but also the Princess of her planet, Venus. The Princess of Venus was said to be born from the foam of the Sea of Venus (sound famliar?) and, except for her golden hair and eyes, she closely resembled Minako. The Princess of Venus is often drawn wearing the traditional princess dress of her planet which was a yellow, floor-length, empress-waisted, spaghetti-strapped dress. The shoulder straps of her dress were ribbons tied into a bow with the ribbon tails trailing all the way to the ground. The skirt part of her dress was form fitting amd flared at the ankles. The skirt also consisted of a transparent, chiffon layer which flared from the waistline all the way to the floor. The outfit also consisted of a yellow ribbon choker and a golden necklace with a teardrop-shaped, yellow gem pendant. Princess Venus also wore red, round earrings and her forehead glowed with the symbol of Venus. The Princess of Venus also wore a ribbon in her hair, but the ribbon was golden in color and had a red rose decorating its center. It is unclear whether the Princess of Venus had a name Magellan Castle (ie. Moon Princess = Princess Serenity) as she is simply known as "Princess Venus" in Takeuchi's notes. However, in these same notes, Takeuchi wrote out Chibiusa's formal Princess title so "Princess Venus" might actually be the official name of the Princess of Venus. Princess Venus also lived in a palace known as Magellan Castle which floated over the Land of Aphrodite and above the sulfuric fogs of the planet's many active volcanoes. These palaces were given to the Sailor Soldiers at birth by Queen Serenity. Each of the other Sailor Soldiers' palaces are named after their one of the moons of their planet and as the planet Venus had no moons, her castle is named after the NASA spacecraft that was sent to map the surface of Venus in 1989. Minako first visits her castle with Artemis in the first chapter of Codename wa Sailor V.

Venus holding Serenity

Sworn Guardian of Princess Serenity

It seemed that Princess Venus's duties as a Sailor Soldier far outweighed her duties as Princess of Venus. For example, in Codename wa: Sailor V, when Minako regains her past memories, she immediately rejects her title as Princess:

Ace: Greetings. Are you alright, Princess of Venus? This place often gets foggy around this time.
Venus: I am not a princess. I am the guardian soldier of the planet Venus, Sailor Venus. I was born a soldier to protect that single precious person!2

Little Guardians From the few flasbacks of the past, it does appear as if the Sailor Soldiers were mostly recognized and acknowlegeded by their status as Guardian Soldiers than as Princesses. The Sailor Soldiers are only ever seen in their Sailor uniforms and were only addressed by the names of their respective planets. In comments made by Ace on his recollections of the Princess Venus, Princess Venus was sent and required by duty to spend the rest of her life on the Moon from a young age. This fact can be further confirmed in one flashback where Venus and the other guardians soldiers are seen celebrating the birth of Princess Serenity and renewing their vows to protect her. In this scene, the four girls appeared to be around 5-6 years Scolding Serenity old, already donned in their respective Sailor uniforms, and living on the Moon. Besides being responsible for Princess Serenity's personal safety, the Guardian Soldiers also appeared to be responsible for the Princess's education and upbringing. In the rare flashbacks to the past, the Four Guardians are often seen worrying over or scolding Princess Serenity for skipping classes or improper behavior (such as sneaking away to Earth). Venus seemed to be the one mainly tasked with retriving the Princess whenever she ran away to Earth. The relationship between the Four Guardians and their Princess were not that of close friends, but that of four doting governesses and their lady. There was an obvious adherence to hierarchy as the Four Guardians are never seen teasing or joking around with Princess Serenity like they do in the present with Usagi.

Items of the Princess of Venus

According to the Manga, two relics exist of Saior Venus's past as the Princess of Venus: the Venus Droplet and Guardian Venus. The Venus Droplet was considered a Cytherean national treasure as the precious pearl was formed from a droplet that spilled from Princess Venus's body during her birth. However, since Venus's reincarnation on Earth, it is unknown as to what has happened to the pearl and whether she still possesses it. Guardian Venus is bascially a miniature-sized (fits in the palm of the hand) version of Super Sailor Venus. Guardian Venus first makes an appearance in Vol. 15 of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon and gives Minako the power to transform to her final transformation. It is unclear what role these guardians played during the Silver Millennium, but the Princesses of Sailor System did possess them. It seems these Guardians mostly stay in their respective palaces and watch over their princesses from afar.