Come witness the real Aino Minako

In this section, the girl Aino Minako is analyzed in depth. Here you can find information about her as a daughter, as a student, her closest friends, her fashion sense, her love life, her fears and secrets, and much more.

Quick Sketch Everyday Girl
A basic profile of Aino Minako with detailed information on her astrological sign, blood type, and her name.
Aino Minako the girl, the daughter, and the student.
Binding Fates Guardian
Her bond with those who share the same destiny.
Her confidant, teacher, and loyal partner Artemis.
Love Addict Starstruck!
The list of Minako's many love interests.
All the idols that Minako admired and chased.
Masquerade C'est la mode!
Aino Minako's doubts and insecurities.
Aino Minako's fashion sense and how it reflects her personality.