binding fates

Aino Minako's relationship with the sisters that carry the same fate. Although all nine girls do share a strong bond, the girls are closer to one girl over the others. In this section, I write about the relationship Minako shares with each of her Sailor Soldier sisters.

The Princess and her guardians

The Princess and her Guardians

Tsukino Usagi - Sailor Moon

Usagi is the Moon Princess and the precious person Minako has sworn to protect. Therefore, Minako is not only extremely protective of Usagi, but also intensely devoted and loyal to her. The look on Minako's face whenever Usagi gets hurt, dies, or disappears is quite heartbreaking (as if she is only an inch away from breaking down completely). Besides, being Minako's precious princess, Usagi is also Minako's favorite partner-in-crime in everything silly or ridiculous.

Mizuno Ami - Sailor Mercury

Minako respects Ami's intellect, but at the same time finds Ami's dedication to her studies a bit scary. Although, Minako and Ami do not share a particularly close relationship, they do share a mutual trust and love for one another. When the other is hurt or dead, both show concern or great distress for the other.

Hino Rei - Sailor Mars

In the manga, Rei and Minako have an interesting love-hate relationship. Minako often steps on Rei's toes with her crazy antics while Minako suffers from an inferiority complex when it comes to Rei's "perfections." To Minako, Rei has it made as Rei possesses all the traits that Minako aspires to and is also a constant reminder of what Minako lacks. Despite all their probelms and arguments, the two of them share a particularly close relationship. Mars and Venus are often seen teaming up for reconnaissance missions and battles and are often seen linking arms and holding hands. Minako is also the only person in the team that Rei is particulary blunt with. However, her bluntness shows that the two are close enough for Rei to be honest with Minako without Minako taking offense. As the designated, sub-leader, it makes sense that Rei and Minako share a close and trusting relationship. In the classic anime series, Minako and Rei do not share such a relationship and are not especially close. In fact, Rei is closer to Usagi while Minako is closer to Makoto in the anime.

Kino Makoto - Sailor Jupiter

In the manga, Minako sees Makoto as the loving "big sister," who always takes care of them and bakes them a lot of delicious goodies. Like an older sister, Makoto is very patient with Minako's crazy antics and tantrums and is always there to lend a ear or calm her down. In the classic anime series, Makoto and Minako share a closer relationship. They often argue and compete with each other and this usually results with both of them stubbornly refusing to apologize to the other. However, in the end, they always come together in battle or when it comes to defending the beauty and joy of love and, of course, when protecting Usagi. Both know that no matter how angry they are at each other, the other will always have her back.

protectors of the solar system

Protectors of the Solar System

Minako does not share a particularly close relationship with the four. She obviously respects them and cares for them, but her affection for them cannot be compared to her affection for her own team. However, Venus and Uranus do share a connection since both of them are leaders of their respective teams. They understand how it feels to carry such a burden and therefore help each other to stay on track. For example, in the manga, after the death of Mercury and Jupiter, Haruka slaps Minako to remind her that she must focus on the task at hand, instead of wallowing in grief. However, generally, Minako does not seem to be very close to the four.