Crystal Palace

The Future - Crystal Tokyo

According to the manga, Tokyo becomes Crystal Tokyo in the 21st Century after Usagi and Mamoru's ascension to the throne. They then become Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion, ruler of Earth. With Crystal Tokyo as their capital, the two monarchs of Earth lead the world into unprecendented peace and prosperity. Under their rule, the world basically becomes a new Silver Millennium and due to the power of the Silver Imperium Crystal, the people of Earth gain eternal youth and enjoy lifespans of around 1,000 years. Neo-Queen Serenity is said to watch over Earth from her Crystal Palace and rarely ever steps outside. In the classic anime series, the story behind the creation of Crystal Tokyo and Neo-Queen Serenity's ascension is somewhat different. According to the anime, sometime after the 20th Century Earth goes into a world-wide freeze until the 30th Century, when Neo-Queen Serenity revives the world with the power of the Silver Imperium Crystal. After awakening Earth, Neo-Queen Serenity becomes its ruler and leads the new world from the Crystal utopian city, Crystal Tokyo.

The team protects Chibiusa

Venus's role in Crystal Tokyo

After the creation of Crystal Tokyo and Usagi's ascension to the throne, Sailor Venus's role as guardian and protector seems to have remained the same. In fact, her role as guardian has most likely become even more crucial as Usagi loses her Sailor powers when she became Queen of Crystal Tokyo. Some fans believe that the Sailor Team might actually have a hand in governing Earth, but there doesn't seem to be any proof of that. Sailor Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, and Venus appear to only have the task of protecting Neo-Queen Serenity. In the classic anime, this duty seems to extend to the protection of Sailor Venus of the future of the whole Royal Family as the Sailor team are seen protecting Chibiusa from the Black Moon's attack and using their powers to create a magic barrier around the Crystal Palace. While in the manga, the Sailor Team are only seen protecting Neo-Queen Serenity. It is also unknown whether, like Usagi, Minako had to give up her civilian identity become Sailor Venus full-time. In terms of appearance, Minako remains the same, but does possess a more mature air. In conclusion, not much is known about the Sailor Venus of the future, except for the fact that she and the others still continue to protect Usagi.