crossing paths

Characters are listed in chronological order. Characters are listed in chronological order in three different categories. Please use the link below to change categories. The names are also written in the Japanese style with surname first. indicate the men Minako fell in love with or had crushes on.

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the men


Higashi-senpai ♥

Higashi-senpai is an upperclassman in Minako's school and very popular among the girls. He was truly Minako's first love and Minako has tried on several occasions to give him a love letter but always got intercepted by his crowd of angry fan girls. However, one day at Cram school, because of Minako's terrible grades, the teacher assigns her a math tutor who turned out to be Higashi-senpai. He compliments Minako's long hair and how lady-like it is saying that if she were to tie a red ribbon on the back she would look even lovelier. This is how Minako's trademark red ribbon was born. The next day, Minako finally gets her chance to confess her feelings to him but comes across Higashi-senpai accepting the confession of another. She is heartbroken. However, Higashi-senpai is turns out to be an enemy in disguise assigned with the duty of gathering brainwashed slaves. In self-defense, Minako releases a Crescent Beam and kills him.

Furuhata Motoki

Furuhata Motoki ♥

Most fans of BSSM should be fimilar with Furuhata Motoki (aka Andrew). Motoki is an university student who works part-time at his parent's Crown Arcade. Minako has a little crush on him and calls him O-nii-san (big brother) while he calls her Mina-chan. However, by the time Minako joins the Sailor team her crush on him seems to have died down as she is never seen swooning over him again. However, Ami, Makoto, and Usagi would later develop a slight crush on him.


Otaku Takuro

Otaku is a video game manic who spends his free time at the Crown Arcade believing the game center to be the "castle for lonely boys." In fact, his name is a pun on the Japanese word for people like him. He hates Minako for invading his sanctuary and becomes livid when Minako beats his high score and becomes Rank 1. He accuses Minako of being a boy and demands that Minako strips herself. "Boss" advises Minako to disguise herself in order to give him the slip. Minako chooses to transform into an armored soldier just for the fun of it. However, Otaku becomes completely infatuated with her and jumps her. Minako has difficulty escaping from Otaku's grasp as the armor is too heavy and restricting. She quickly transforms into Sailor V and escapes but then he looks up her skirt! Minako sends him flying with a Sailor V Kick.

Amano Gurikaze

Amano Gurikaze

Amano is a greeky guy classmate who has a crush on Minako. Amano is always up to date on the lastest trends and is Minako's source of information, free video games, and movies. Amano often gets caught in enemy traps because of his fervent following of Japanese pop culture trends but Sailor V is always there to save him.

Wakagi Toshio

Wakagi Toshio ♥

Wakagi is a police officer under Sakurada Natsuna and is assigned to the branch dedicated to capturing Sailor V. He is a quite handsome and takes his job as an police officer seriously. Therefore he is very determined and obsessed with capturing Sailor V and suspects her to be the organizer of the recent string of suspicious incidents. He also hates Sailor V as she not only makes him look bad in front of his superiors, but she also makes the whole Police Force look incompentent. Minako later develops a crush on him as well and even decides to give him chocolates on Valentine's Day. Sailor V later steals a kiss from an unconcious Wakagi as thanks for protecting her.

Wakagi's brother

Wakagi's brother

+ Like Wakagi, Wakagi's older brother also hates Sailor V. Saior V not only steals his chance of winning a free trip to Hawaii but also gets him branded as a pervert. His hatred of Sailor V causes Hibiskos to brainwash him and use him as a weapon against Sailor V. He becomes Aloha Kamen and Sailor V knocks him out by transforming into a Hawai'ian bathing beauty.


Saitou ♥

Saitou is another one of Minako's many "first loves". Minako meets him one day when he saves her and Hikaru from harassing gangsters. Saitou-san himself is a ganster and leader of a gang. Minako later finds out that he went to the same middle school as her which makes him her Senpai. Minako often goes to find him afterwards and Saitou's gang members even begin calling her "Minako-san" (which she enjoyed). Saitou's gang members soon reveals to Minako that Saitou-san is in danger of expulsion from high school if he gets caught fighting again. Minako disguises herself as Okamoto-sensei, the teacher that taught Saitou three years ago, in order to convince Saitou to stop fighting. When Saitou sees Okamoto-sensei (who is actually Minako in disguise) he confesses his love for her and kisses her. It's interesting to note that Saitou bears a striking resemblance to Kunzite.

Baishaku Shinrou

Baishaku Shinrou ♥

Baishaku Shinrou is Marie-sensei's ambitious editor whom Minako instantly falls in love with because of his resemblance to Kaitou Ace. After Minako saves Marie-sensei's dog, Baishaku hires Minako to become Marie-sensei's copy assistant which Minako happily agrees to as it is the perfect excuse to see him again. Unfortunately, Baishaku later falls in love with Marie-sensei and marries her.

Otonaru Maiku

Otonaru Maiku ♥

Otonaru is a classmate who suffers from a weak constitution. Minako dubs him the "School's unknown idol" as he is handsome and one-quarter Russian. He doesn't talk to people and this is why his classmates all avoid him or tease him calling him "Toothpick". Minako, on the other hand, is intrigued by his mysterious and quiet ways. Minako makes several attempts to get to know him and soon finds out that Otonaru has a passion for sports. Minako encourages him to join the practices for the school's Autumn Marathon and he does but later collapses from over exertion. Minako visits him afterschool to apologize and he tells her about his health problems and later gives her the Hachimaki stone as a good luck charm. After that Minako visits his house everyday and sings karaoke for him as his house is a karaoke bar. Minako soon discovers that Mike Makki is responsible for Otonaru's weakening health and defeats her. As a result, Otonaru's heart operation is a success and Minako wins first place in the marathon for him. However, Otonaru believes that his miraculous recovery is due to his Russian pen pal coming to see him and tells Minako that he is now engaged which devastates her.