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The Aino Minako Quiz + Think you know everything about the Soldier of love? Test your knowledge to see if you are a true fan of Sailor Venus.

Which blonde is which? + Some fans believe Minako and Usagi look exactly alike and thus the two are often dubbed as "the blonde twins." However, they do not resemble each other at all. See whether or not you can differentiate between the two blonde bombshells.

Love Fortune (Pop-up Window) + Want to have your love fortune told? Click away!

Memorabilia + Some icons, avatars, and wallpapers of the Soldier of Venus. Feel free take them as a souvenir but don't forget to credit.

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Site FAQs + Commonly asked questions about the Morning Star.

Phases + Before the current revival of the Morning Star, the site had ran for more than 2 years. Morning Star has gone through many phases and here is where I display them all.

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