Golden Regalia

the uniform

Venus Power, Make-up!

Title: Sailor Venus
Her first uniform consists of a light yellow bow in the back and a navy blue bow in the front. In the middle of her blue bow is a round yellow gem. She wears a simple ribbon choker around her neck and in the manga, she wears her Love-Me Chain around her waist like a loose belt. In the preliminary sketches of her uniform, the three-ringed sleeves are often colored yellow but later becomes white. These sleeves are actually shoulder protectors and the upper chest/breast area of her uniform is also a protector. The skirt and collar is often colored orange but Takeuchi Naoko's original intention was for Venus's image color to be a yellow reflecting the color gold. Perhaps the difficulty of portraying the proper color resulted in Venus's uniform color becoming orange This uniform appears in the manga and both anime series.
Venus Power Make-up!

Venus Star Power Make-up! & Venus Planet Power Make-up! (Phase 1)

Venus Star Power, Make-up!

Title: Sailor Venus
Not much of the uniform changes and the only difference seems to be that the gem in the middle of the blue bow is now bigger. By this transformation phase Venus wears the Love-me Chain less often This uniform appears in the manga and both anime series.

Venus Planet Power, Make-up! #1

Title: Sailor Venus
In this transformation, the uniform does not change at all except for the fact that the Love-Me Chain is never seen around her hips again. This phase only appears in the manga and the team is awarded this Planet transformation by Neo-Queen Serenity as thanks for saving Crystal Tokyo. They would later recieve a power-up via Super Sailor Moon's Holy Grail. This uniform appears in the manga Only.

Venus Planet Power, Make-up! #2

Title: Sailor Venus
In the 2nd and final phase of the Planet tranformation, the uniform remains the same except the gem on the chest is now heart-shaped and the white lines on the collar have grown to three. This uniform appears in the manga Only.
Venus Planet Power Make-up! (Phase 2)

Venus Crystal Power Make-up! (Phase 1)

Venus Crystal Power, Make-up! #1

Title: Super Sailor Venus
In the classic anime, this is the Sailor Team's (excluding Sailor Moon) ultimate transformation and the uniform undergoes many changes. While in the manga, this transformation is the team's second strongest form. The choker around her neck now has a star in the middle of the band and in the center of the star rests a yellow-orange round gem marked with the symbol of Venus (♀). The white line on her collar is now back to being a single line. The third ring of the sleeve is now longer and transparent while the ribbon tails have become longer and ends above the knees. In the manga, Venus recieves the transformation crystal from Artemis. From this uniform on, Takeuchi Naoko begans coloring Venus's skirt and collar in a more yellow-gold color

Venus Crystal Power, Make-up! #2

Title: Unknown
In the manga, this is the Sailor Team's final and strongest transformation and the uniform becomes more elaborate. The gem on her chest is now star-shaped with her planet's emblem engraved in the center and her choker V downs to a star. The V waistline is now decorated with two yellow ribbons of different shades which follows the waistline and valleys into a single star. The skirt of the uniform now has another skirt underneath which is a shade lighter than the top layer. The sleeves have become round, puffy, and yellow and the back ribbon now have two ribbon tails instead of just one. One is short and thick and ends at her waist while the other is long and thin and ends a little above the knees. Venus recieves this new transformation from Guardian Venus and her palace, Magellan Castle.
Venus Crystal Power Make-up! (Phase 2)


Jewelry: Tiara & Earrings

In the classic anime series, Venus's red, round earrings and tiara remain the same throughout all three transformations (First picture on the left). However in the manga, her jewelry does undergo some changes. From Venus Power to Venus Planet Power #1, her tiara and red earrings do not change until Venus Planet Power #2. In that transformation, her tiara becomes noticably thinner and this change carries into Venus Crystal Power #1 (Middle Picture). In the final phase of Venus Crystal Power, her earrings are replaced with yellow, dangling star earrings and the gem of her tiara becomes a star (3rd picture from the left).
Tiara & Earrings - From Venus Power to Venus Planet Power - Phase 1
Tiara & Earrings - From Venus Planet Power - Phase 2 till Venus Crystal Power -  Phase 1
Tiara & Earrings - Final


Venus's wears long, white elbow-length gloves that are decorated by three yellow rings at the hem. In the classic anime series, the gloves do not change at all, but in the manga, the gloves do. In Venus's final transformation the gloves become full-length instead of elbow-length gloves.

High heels


Sailor Venus wears orange, ankle strap high heel pumps. In both anime series, Sailor Venus is only ever seen wearing her heels. However, in the manga, her heels are replaced with boots in her last Sailor transformation. The new boots are fitted, high-heeled, knee-length white boots and the top of each is decorated by a yellow ribbon that V downs to a tiny, yellow star.