site updates

04.08.2016 - New (Old) layout

I guess there is a first for eveyrthing...I think I was too hasty about removing this design. Looking at it again, I really like it. I think I will keep this style for awhile and just change the index page every once and awhile. This means Morning Star can only be properly enjoyed via desktop and not by mobile!

09.01.2015 - New layout

I think the previous layout was way too bulky. I wanted to try filling the pages more, but I think in the end, simple is definitely best. I hope you enjoy this new layout. Originally, this layout was supposed to be for mobiles, but I fail at coding for it :P

03.04.2015 - Overhaul

I did a complete overhaul of Morning Star and edited all articles. Star-crossed?, the section about the possible romantic relationship between the four guardians and the generals, now includes a new paragraph about the new information we got from Sailor Moon Crystal. I have also just realized that is has been 3 years since Morning Star's return to the Sailor Moon Web community in June 2011. How time flies!

09.21.2014 - New Layout

New layout for the main page! Enjoy ♥

07.01.2014 - New Section

Added a page Crystal Watch! under Appendix. I will be rambling, reviewing, and taking screenshots of the new reboot, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal.

10.22.2013 - Happy Birthday Minako!

Another year has passed and it's once again Minako's birthday! Also Morning Star has been online for two years now since June 6. So Happy Anniversary to me! I also added some links.

05.08.2013 - New layout!

I have made a new layout! I hope you guys like it! I really like this image of Minako jumping over the school gates. The previous layout has been up long enough!

04.18.2013 - New layout for Stuffies

I have made a new layout for Stuffies! I always wanted to make a new one and I finally have! However, I am a bit unsatisfied with it. Don't be surprised if it changes soon!

02.17.2013 - Added some Info

It's been awhile and I am back! I made a small addition in V-trivia. Did you know that Minako actually had two voice actresses? Also I edited the writing in some webpages. I will continue to reread and edit them as the year goes by. I am currently working on a new index page! Look forward to it!

04.17.2012 - Future Plans

I planning to completely re-do Cremare and actually make it into a full shrine. Mars is my second favorite and I am sad that she doesn't have more fansites. Also I plan to make a new layout for Stuffies. My computer crashed and I am still retrieving my files so these goals might take awhile but it will happen. Cremare will be my primarily focus as I have been struck my web-designing muse!

10.20.2011 - Happy Birthday, Minako!

In celebration of Minako's birthday (I know I am two days early, but I will be out of town on the 22nd), I have made new layouts for the main page and for Radiance. Please check it out! Happy (early) birthday, Aino Minako!

9.22.2011 - Moved

Morning Star has moved and is being hosted by the lovely Lady DinoBug on So make sure to change your bookmarks! Morning Star's new address is now!

7.22.2011 - A Few More Changes

Added a link in the Links section and also added more information in the Masquerade section.

6.13.2011 - A Few Changes

Added some links in the Links section and also added more celebrities to the list of Starstruck!.

6.6.2011 - Grand Opening!

After an 8-year absence and 3 years of work, Morning Star is finally re-opened. For those who still remember the old site, several changes have been made. Everything has been rewritten with new, more detailed contents and several sections/sub-sections have been added or deleted:

New Sections
Deleted Sections
New sections under Radiance (Focus: Sailor Venus) New sections under Starlet (Focus: Aino Minako) Appendix - new section containing additional information on the character Stuffies
  • Engraved Memories - Section on Silver Millennium. Most of its articles have been moved to Appendix.
  • Moonlight Legend - Silver Millennium's story
  • Awakening - From V to Venus.
  • Spotlight: Minako! - Notable episodes and chapters.
  • A Reflection - Manga Minako versus Anime Minako
Whew! Who is going to read all this stuff? The Appendix section will continue to expand as I have a lot to rant and speculate on.