Morning Star has gone through many layouts over the years and here is where I display them all. They are divided into three categories for easy navigation.

Year One | Year Two | Revival

Year One

Version 12 ♥ The faded dream
August 12, 2001 → October 22, 2001

Version 12.0 - The faded dream

This layout was on the web for the longest time. It was an okay layout and I didn't get tired of it easily. This was the first time I started using layers in my designs and I was able to produced the desired effects. However, it was still a little too bright and faded out for my tastes.

Version 11 ♥ On Wings
July 11, 2001 → August 12, 2001

Version 11.0 - On Wings

It was a fitting layout for Morning Star's return. I really liked it, especially the wings, which I drew myself. However, the layout was a bit too big and bulky. This layout was inspired by a image of Rinoa from Squaresoft's Final Fantasy VIII that I liked very much.

Version 10 ♥ On Hiatus
May 22, 2001 → July 11, 2001

Version 10.0 - On Hiatus

This wasn't made to be anything special. It was a simple image, announcing the fact that Morning Star would be going on a brief hiatus. My designer's block was hitting me really hard back then.

Version 9 ♥ Loneliness is not an option!
April 19, 2001 → May 22, 2001

Version 9.0 - Loneliness is not an option!

Another very plain layout and the navigation was hard to find/read (small, yellow font! Stupid me). I was suffering from major designer's block back then. It was made in celebration of Morning Star becoming Heart Vibration's (Zita's Venus Shrine) sister site. I wish I could have made a better layout for her.

Version 8 ♥ Route Venus
April 4, 2001 → April 19, 2001

Version 8.0 - Route Venus

Yuck! At first I really loved this layout, but now when I look at it, I know it's not one of my best. It is a little plain and I got tired of the grayish-blue color pretty quickly. However, I really do like the song Route Venus!

Version 7.0 ♥ Baby Face
March 3, 2001 → April 4, 2001

Version 7.0 - Baby Face

This layout was very popular. I got tons of e-mails from guests telling me how they thought it was a super cute layout. I'm glad that so many people liked it ♥ This layout took me a long time to make and it has to be one of my favorites. Doujinshi pictures are alwasy great to use as they are not commonly used in other Sailor Moon websites at that time.

Version 6.0 ♥ Finally Blue
Febuary 16, 2001 → March 3, 2001

Version 6.0 - Finally Blue

Since the beginning I really wanted to make a blue layout as blue is my favorite color. However, I quickly got tired of this layout. It was too... blah. However, I was really proud of the background which I made myself and really loved the image of Venus I edited.

Version 5.0 ♥ A day of Love
January 28, 2001 → Febuary 16, 2001

Version 5.0 - A day of Love

This layout was made in celebration of Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, this layout was also made in a rush because of increasing school work. I did a poor job on it and I was quick to replace it.

Version 4.0 ♥ Blessed!
January 17, 2001 → January 28, 2001

Version 4.0 - Blessed!

This was the Morning Star's first layout after it's move from geocities to (closed). This layout was made in dedication to Zita, my hostess. In this layout, I incorporated rollover effects for the first time in the navigation and because of it, I really liked this layout.

Version 3.0 ♥ Emptyness
January 9, 2001 → January 17, 2001

Version 3.0 - Emptyness

I made this layout in a hurry. The end result: I didn't like it that much and even now I still think it's kind of ugly. Once again a layout using tables and the only part I liked about this layout was the main image.

Version 2.0 ♥ Kawaii Fun

Version 2.0 - Kawaii Fun

Version 2 was when I finally switched back to tables seeing as it was more Netscape-friendly. Also because I found tables much easier to code and design. This was when I finally decided to spilt my website into two sections: Database and Stuffies. Overall the design was okay but I really liked the main image.

Version 1.7 ♥ Simply Kawaii!

Version 1.7 - Simply Kawaii

I really loved this layout as it was cute and simple. However, now, I think it's hideous. This was another layout where I used frames but it also did not show up on Netscape. At first, I had designed a background image for the text but took it off when some of my guests told me that it made the text hard to read.

Version 1.2 ♥ Stars and Stripes 4eva

Version 1.2 - Stars and Stripes 4eva

Because I didn't really like the first one I quickly made Version 1.2 and, for some reason, didn't really considered it as layout #2. This was my first time using frames and it took me a long time to code this one. Unfortunately, the page was not viewable in Netscape which was really disappointing. In 3 weeks, I replaced it.

Version 1.0 ♥ Yellow Starry Version

Version 1.0  - Yellow Starry Version

This was Morning Star's first layout! Looking back on it, I don't think it was all that nice but I loved it then. The layout was a very big, bulky table and the litte stars surrounding the yellow star in the middle contained various images of Minako. Making the individual faces fit into the little stars took me a long time especially since I was using Paint and not a real image editor at the time. Back in those days, I had listed all the sections on the front page and had not seperate it into two sections like I do now.