Morning Star has gone through many layouts over the years and here is where I display them all. They are divided into three categories for easy navigation.

Year One | Year Two | Revival

Year Two

Version 2.7 ♥ Farewell
May 31, 2003


This the layout I used when I said good-bye to the Sailor Moon Web community. Not only was I unable to bring Morning Star back online but, my hostess, Zita, was also planning to close her site. I decided that since I had been having less and less time to work on Morning Star I might as well close as well. Besides, it seemed entirely fiting to bow out at the same time as my lovely hostess, as she helped made Morning Star what it was.

Version 2.6 ♥ Return
March 3, 2003 → May 31, 2003


Unfortuntely, life got really hectic around that time and I was unable to bring back the website on October 22, 2002 liked I promised (I was so disappointed in myself). I didn't like the main image as it was of poor quality.

Version 2.5 ♥ Revamping
August 13, 2002 → March 3, 2003


I had planned a massive renovation of Morning Star, but my computer crashed and I lost a lot of my files, including the new pages I made. It was disheartening and I had to put Morning Star offline for awhile. The image was nice and simple.

Version 2.4 ♥ Simple and Elegant
May 3, 2002 → August 13, 2002

Version 2.4 - Simple and Elegant

This layout was up for a long time as well. It was designed in a cleaner and simpler style than the last one. All and all, I like this layout and the chinese characters in the background of the text means "beauty."

Version 2.3 ♥ Apricot Dust
February 23, 2002 → May 3, 2002

Version 2.3 - Apricot Dust

I recieved a lot of praise for this one. Everyone loved it and I loved it myself. I especially loved the splash image I made, which was basically a cut-out of the title. I was trying for a new style and Apricot Dust was the result. This layout was up for a very long time.

Version 2.2 ♥ Speard the Love
January 10, 2002 → February 23, 2002

Version 2.2 - Speard the Love

I don't like this layout. It was too simple. This was probably one of my worse designs. Although, I do like the main image.

Version 2.1 ♥ As the years go by
October 22, 2001 → January 10, 2002

Version 2.1  - As the years go by

This version was made in celebration of Morning Star's Anniversary and Aino Minako's Birthday! I also received a lot of comments from people saying how much they loved the main image. I agree, the image of Minako that I used was very pretty. However, I also got some complaints. I had used yellow (once again, stupid me) as the color for links and it made it hard to read.